The Men's Shelter program at Open Door Ministries is a facility designed to house adult men on a temporary basis. Clients are screened through Interactive Resource Center for same day shelter placement. IRC staff contacts the Shelter Case Manager to determine if the client meets eligibility criteria for admission to the shelter. The shelter offers 62 beds and a six bed disability dormitory.


In 2012, the Open Door Ministries Men’s Shelter served 559 individual men. This resulted in a total of 22,204 bed stays, throughout the year. We were able to acquire 106 picture Id’s, 69 birth certificates and 83 social security cards allowing clients to have proper identification as they begin to rebuild their life. We also dispersed a total of 1800 bus tickets to 391 of our clients so they can take care of medical problems and look for work.

Clients of the Men’s Shelter at Open Door Ministries have access to the following services, at no cost:

Casement Manager Services
Each client is assigned a case manager to counsel them to achieve their goals. Whether it is VA related, mental health, job related or medical related.

Medical Services are offered each Tuesday of the week by volunteer nurses pool. Ruth Payne, a 30 year RN, along with her medical colleague volunteer, offer their medical services to our clients each week. This service helps to alleviate unnecessary medical expediters in our community.

Our Immediate Needs:

Our clients are in need of toilets such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, hair combs, lotions, disposable razors. Clothing is always needed, such as socks, underwear, T-shirts in addition to business attire that will be acceptable to wear in an interview.

Monetary donations can be designated to the Men's Shelter by mailing a check to Open Door Ministries, 400 North Centennial Street, High Point, NC 27262.


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