The Emergency Services program at Open Door Ministries provides financial assistance for household utility, rent, and medical prescriptions. Funds for the program are made available through United Way, grants, corporations, agency fundraisers, and community donations.


Clients who receive emergency assistance are representative of a population of people that find themselves sometimes in difficult situations. The program assists families experiencing unexpected sudden occurrences that affect their ability to pay necessary required household expenses. Open Door Ministries is also a participating agency in the Community Resource Network (CRN). Our participation is shared with other area city agencies where we all work together as a network to serve the needs of the High Point community. Since July 2012 the Emergency Services Program at Open Door Ministries has assisted an average of 217 households per month.

Immediate Needs:

The need and requests for the Emergency Services Program are great. Monetary donations are the most beneficial to our program in order to directly assist those who need help with paying utilities, rent, and medical expenses. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our community offering a degree of relief in difficult times and situations.


Community Resource Network